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250 ml BottleExtra virgin olive oil 100% italian, is the result of a mixture of oils resulting from the pressing of selected Italian olives.

500 ml BottleThe indication "cold pressing" is reserved to the Olive oil virgin and extra-virgin obtained to less than 27 °C with a first mechanical pressing of the olive paste, with a traditional extraction system with hydraulic presses.

The production process is divided into: harvesting, washing, pressing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration. 3 ltr cansThere are countless benefits for those who take on an ongoing basis the extra virgin olive oil, among others:

5 ltr cansfavors the antioxidant action on free radicals, acts as a natural anti-hypertensive, decreases the value of "bad" cholesterol LDL, decreases the formation of atherosclerotic plaques matose, promotes the metabolism of the liver, reduces blood sugar, is a source of essential vitamins A, D, E and aids in the absorption of the other and helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Available sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 3 ltr e 5 ltr

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Olio Extra vergine bottiglia 250 ml


250 ml Bottle
Olio Extra vergine bottiglia 500 ml


500 ml Bottle
Olio Extra vergine latta 3 lt


Tin of 3 ltr
Olio Extra vergine latta 5 lt


Tin of 5 ltr

Extra virgin olive oil "Tuscany Protected Geographical Indication. PGI" is so defined because, as required by the production regulations of PGI, the entire chain of production must necessarily be within the territorial boundaries of Tuscany, quindi, from olive groves to the mill and the bottling, the suitability of this process is attested by Certiquality, body authorized by the Ministry to control activities.

Each pack of Extra Virgin Tuscany PGI is well recognized by the marking on the package and place the number that is stamped, thanks to which it is easy to trace the entire history and its specific characteristics. This is the most direct and safe to make sure you buy a genuine product, unique in origin and authenticity, full of the smells and flavors that distinguish a true Tuscan olive oil.

Available size: 250 ml, 500 ml

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Available size: 250 ml, 500 ml, 5 ltr

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